綠色飲食可以減少碳排放,放慢全球暖化。OVOCafé 作為香港首家合作的素食餐廳,隆重推出 IMPOSSIBLE BURGER,給你一個突破性的食物選擇!在視覺,味道和口感上,IMPOSSIBLE BURGER 同普通漢堡沒有什麽差別,而且含更高的蛋白質。如果你喜歡創新口味同時注重健康飲食,這個漢堡會是你的不二之選。

IMPOSSIBLE BURGER 是由人稱未來食物的IMPOSSIBLE肉餅,加上OVOCafé 的秘方和新鮮配菜配搭而成。IMPOSSIBLE BURGER給你和我一個為地球出一分力的機會,並且大叫“I’M-POSSIBLE 將呢個地球變得更美好。”


impossible” 素漢堡 配墨西哥玉米片

impossible” 素漢堡(全素) 配雜菜沙律

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Sustainability become a main trend that everyone cares about now and in the future, living a conscious lifestyle is the coolest way for inhabitants, especially in Hong Kong. No matter style of living, dressing or eating, people prefer business that provides sustainable choices for them.

Vegetarian choices can allow less carbon emission and slower down global warming effect. OVOCafé as the first vegetarian restaurant partner in Hong Kong, introducing IMPOSSIBLE BURGER, a revolutionary food choice for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. From the visual to taste, it is hard to tell the difference from the IMPOSSIBLE BURGER with a real burger and even contains more proteins. If you fancy for a innovative taste and focus on healthy living, this may be your next choice.

Everyone says the IMPOSSIBLE patty is the FUTURE FOOD, mixing with OVOCafé recipe and other fresh ingredients and they become IMPOSSIBLE BURGER. IMPOSSIBLE BURGER is here and people now can shout out “I’M-POSSIBLE to make our planet a better place.”


impossible burger with nachos & sour cream

impossible burger (vegan) with mixed salad

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